We believe that God is a generous giver…

He leads by the example of His giving in our lives. Check out John 3:16 which says “for God loved the world so much that he GAVE His one and only Son…”

Our desire is to live lives with the same generous nature as God and we believe that the life of a generous person is ever increasing and will always show signs of it!

If you call Oasis Life Church your home or want to give generally to Oasis Life Church you can give via direct deposit or the PayPal tithe option. If you want to give to a specific area in Oasis Life Church (ie. Missions, Youth Ministry, Children’s Minsitry, Worship Ministry) please use the Specific Offering option and enter the area in the special instructions field when prompted.

PayPal (incl. Credit Card) – Give the amount of your choice via PayPal or credit card, safely and easily, with Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can still give by Credit Card by following the instructions at the bottom of the Paypal page.

Direct Deposit Details – Name: Oasis Life Church – BSB: 084970 – ACC: 935829308 - National Australia Bank


Thank you in advance for sowing into the Kingdom of God.